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    Regal College and Regal University(C)(R)

Copyright: (Domain First Use:) December 8, 2003,    Registration: March 28, 2006.

(For your information, several persons and groups have attempted to use our trademarked name. We will persist in protecting any name under our ownership in which we hold a trademark and copyright.) 

Regal University came into being as a domain name and then as a registered trademark: "Regal University(R)". Since then, we have added:

Regal and many other domains.  

Our goal will be to provide educational services. Providing instruction at a high level - granting : Bachelor degrees, Master degrees, in Art, Science, Mathematics,and Divinity degrees, Christian Education, and Doctoral programs. Our goal is to include the granting of Doctoral degrees as appropriate development occures.

Background: Dr. Larry K. Loffelmacher

Born In North Dakota,   High School...1953. served w/U.S. Marine Corps,1953-1957, Official discharge 1962, Sgt., Graduated: Jamestown College, (now to be known as: "University of Jamestown" -  Bachelor of Arts Degree Division 1961. Participated in "Bare Back" rodeo for several years.  Ordained at the First Presbyterian Church - Belfield N.Dakota. Served as a Presbyterian pastor in: 1. North Dakota, 2. Oregon, and 3. Illinois.

Graduated Dubuque University 1971, "Master of Divinity". Candidate for the Doctor of Ministry Degree at San Francisco Theological Seminary-1975. Also, received from Faith University, the degree "Doctor of Divinity" June 9th 2007.

I also became a Real Estate Broker working under the  business name of: "Loffelmacher And Associates". Now we are known  as ""-to expire in 04-30-14. As our world interests expand, we will not continue our real estate activities beyond this point in time.

Dr. Loffelmacher, took up flying and became a private pilot, a commercial pilot, and a flight instructor in l971.  Entered into Construction and Development  - Building new homes and remodeling. Obtained an "Electrical Contractor Services Reg# 93-117".  (Generally, renewable with payment. And, graduated "Realtor Institute" - February,2006.

Currently, we have begun the process for development of "Regal College." This will be a period of preparation for the University studies. And, Regal University" will begin  the process of graduate education with an additional four year plan. Furthermore, we have added: "Omniworld" and "Jamestown" to our schedule.(not to be the confused with the: "Jamestown College", or the now "University of Jamestown,) formerly, Jamestown College, of Jamestown. N.Dakota.

In getting "Regal University" online, we weathered several long legal battles as many claim jumpers attempted to copy or abuse our trademark, and to use our name as their own. Thanks to the new IC3 division within the trademark process, we were able to rid all interlopers.

Currently, we are known as: "", which is our Real estate company. We also hold many "domain names" many of which have generated some interest. A recent appraisal -see: "" made us very excited as we pursue sales in that field.

However, we now  have another interests. We expect to pursue the educational field in developing... "Regal College and Regal". And, as such, we expect to bring students to the waiting world as well grounded Christian students who have learned truths and the importance of helping others around the world.

Our Motto:



You may wish to keep in touch with us; if so, please use the following email address: